Brand Philosophy

The fashion brand Von Kober is highly appreciated by high profile women. Those are businesswomen, top managers, women with a strong character, perhaps with a hint of masculinity, yet still feminine by nature.

They make millions, however never forget that they are women first and foremost: invigorating, easy-going, beautiful, elegant.

We use only high quality materials. When I was creating my collection, I was guided by the European fashion. I don't want to make women all dolled up, but elegant and, if you want, aristocratic inside out, which is my main point.

All my garments are unique and will make business women feel excellent at work and in the evening for some important occasion.

The first collection involves 3 colours: luminous Grey, powdery and deep blue. These are the colors which bring out in a lady nobility and aristocracy as well as the strength of character combined with femininity and elegance.

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